Level 1 Whole Body Balance (WBB)

 This is where the real magic begins!

 The 15 moves of Whole Body Balance creates

an endless list of possibilities for the health~ mobility ~ and vitality of all dogs that you have the priviledge of teaming up with.

 This is a 2 day course 


Day 1 

  • Welcome
  • Review of Response5 online course
  • Bowen for Animals Protocal
  • The difference between Human and Animal Bowen
  • Understanding how your energy reflects onto the dog
  • Approaching the dog with respect
  • Assessing a dogs mobility visually
  • The first 9 moves
  • Hands on learning with a variety of dogs



Day 2

  • Review of Day 1
  • Q & A
  • Review of first 5 moves
  • Assessing the Dog physically
  • The next 6 moves
  • Different ways to use Whole Body Balance
  • Different ways to use Response5
  • Case Study Assessment Plans
  • Hands on learning with a variety of dogs 
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