Canine Bowen Institute has Certified the following ABT Practitioners


Francis Paradis - Ottawa  Email:mindfulbowentechniqueottawa@gmail.com

Joan McCarthy - Cambridge Ontario Email: jmccarthmc@gmail.com Call:5196358428

Mary McHale - Toronto Ontario Email: mholistics32@gmail.com

Chrissy Primsilva - British Columbia Email:christianeprimsilva@gmail.com Call: 6043792549

Kathy Morton - Campbellville Ontario Email:embodybowenvitality@gmail.com Call: 6138851311

Kate Buckley - Oakville/Burlington Website: www.equi-libria.com Call:6476332113

Ruth Courtney Beck - P.E.I.

Nahleen Ashton - Bridgetown, Nova Scotia Email:nahleenashton@gmail.com

Teresa Bendall - Website: sweetspotfordogs.com Call:5192672280

Patsy MacDonald - Lunenberg Nova Scotia Website:glenbowenworks.vpweb.ca Call:9026344696 Email:patsy.glenbowenworks@gmail.com

Pam Foley - Niagara Ontario

Tara Metzger - Niagara Ontario Call;2892130478

Jocelyn Dawn - Barrie Ontario Website: pawsitivechanges.ca Call:9052999997

Tina Johnston - British Columbia

Joan Dohey - Newfoundland  Email:joandohey@gmail.com Call:7097637971

Joanne Stafford - NOTL Email: joannels13@hotmail.com

Carm Baum

Allana Skorupski - Milton Ontario Website: twohandsfourpawstherapy.com

Donna Woodstock - Erin Ontario Website: pawsitive-healing.com

Jamie Price - Niagara Ontario Call:4165291312

Jodi Etmanski-Smith - Waterdown and area Website: touchofamelia.ca Call:9054072704

Cathy's Canine Clippery - Georgetown Ontario  Call:9058731797

Leslie A Kennedy - Fergus Ontario  Website:dressagewurks.com

Rachel Johnson - Perth Ontario  Website:endlesspawtential.com

Julie MacDonald - P.E.I  Website:experiencebowentherapy.com

Jill George - -Kitchener Ontario Email:K9pawsbackinmotion@gmail.com

Melissa Gourlay - Thorndale Ontario Email:melissagourlay@yahoo.com Call:5196194288

Liz Lermitte - Brightsgrove Sarnia Ontario Website:vibrantpet.ca 


Linda McNally - Website: petbowentherapy.com

Sherri Hedges - Email: dogtales73@gmail.com


Elin Langron - Email: elangon@gmail.com Call: 3725152424


Florence Giliberti - Athens Website:florenceflowhands.gr Call:306909492151


Marco Gilberti - Email:marcogilberti@mail.com Call:3293532055


Zoe Gan - Website:pawsitivesensations.com


Mateja Hribernik - Ljubliana Email:masazafeelgood@gmail.com Call:0038670153491

United Arab Emirates

Genevieve Godward - Dubai Website:dubaibowentherapy.com Call:971563458698

United States 

Pamala Martin - Marshall North Carolina

December 2023
Mateja Hribernik s.p.
Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
tel.: 00386-70-153-491

Congratulations Pamala Martin

July 2023

Marshall North Carolina

Genevieve Godward

December 2022

I am a fully qualified and registered human, equine and Animal Bowen Therapist, living in Dubai and covering the whole of the United Arab Emirates. 
Contact Details Genevieve Godward
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: (+971) 563458698
Email: genevievegodward@yahoo.com
Website: I am a fully qualified and registered human, equine and animal Bowen Therapist, living in Dubai and covering the whole of the United Arab Emirates. 
Contact Details Genevieve Godward
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: (+971) 563458698
Email: genevievegodward@yahoo.com

Congratulations Liz Lermitte!

November 2022

Brights Grove, Sarnia Ontario


Linda McNally

May 2022


Brisbane Australia 

Melissa Gourlay
April 2022

email: Melissagourlay@yahoo.ca          call: 519-619-4288

Thorndale, Ontario

Jill George

December 2021

Email: K9pawsbackinmotion@gmail.com

Kitchener Ontario Canada

Julie MacDonald
April 2021
Experience Bowen Therapy


Kensington,Prince Edward Island Canada

Zoe Gan
September 2021
Rachel Johnson
December 2020
Endless Pawtential



Perth, ON. Canada

Advanced Learning Certification:

Leslie A Kennedy

July 2020

Leslie is a dedicated, passionate and

 thorough Animal Health Care Provider for both

 Canine and Equine.

You can reach her here

Fergus Ontario Canada

Congratulations Cathy!

May 2020

Cathy will be proudly adding 

Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner to her business card!

Cathy’s Canine Clippery All-Breed Pet Grooming 10 Calvert Drive, Georgetown, On Mobile/Text (647)963-1797 (905) 873-1797

You did it Florence!
The first
Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner
in Greece! April 2020

Timarchou 4, 11634 Athens Greece +306909492151

Advanced Learning Certification

Specialized Procedures

to Sherri Hedges from Australia!
Sherri is the Canine Bowen Institutes 26th Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner. April 2020

Advanced Learning Certification

Specialized Procedures

Jodie Etmanski (Smith) ~ Since 2014

Waterdown, Burlington, 

Oakville, Hamilton, & surrounding areas

Website: WWW.touchofamelia.ca


Telephone: (905)-407-2704

Email: jodie@touchofamelia.ca

Jaime Price - Since 2014

Toronto and Niagara Ontario




Instagram: torontoanimalbowen

Meagyn Kryger - Since 2014

Niagara Ontario

Donna Woodstock - Since 2015

Erin Ontario

Website: www.pawsitive-healing.com

Alanna Skorupski - Since 2015

Milton Ontario

Website: www.twohandsfourpawstherapy.com

Carm Baum - Since 2015

Joanne Stafford - Since 2015

Niagara on the Lake/St.Davids

Email: joannels13@hotmail.com

Niagara on the Lake/St.Davids

Joan Dohey - Since 2016


Website: www.joandohey.ca/animal-bowen

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AnimalBowenTherapyNL

Phone: (709)-763-7971

Email: joandohey@gmail.com

Tina Johnston - Since 2016

British Columbia

Jocelyn Dawn - Since 2017

Barrie, Ontario

Serving Simcoe County

Tara Metzger - Since 2017

Niagara Ontario

Email: tarajean.metzger@gmail.com


Pam Foley - Since 2017

Niagara Ontario

Patsy MacDonald - Since 2017

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Certified Bowenwork® Practitioner

Certified Animal Bowen Practitioner

Glen Bowen Works

Cell     (902)634-4696 



Teresa Bendall - Since 2017

Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and region

Website: www.sweetspotfordogs.com

PHONE: 519-267-2280


Nahleen Ashton - Since 2017

Bridgetown, Nova Scotia

Email: nahleenashton@gmail.com

Ruth Courtney-Beck - Since 2017

Prince Edward Island

Kate Buckley - Since 2017

GTA, Oakville, Burlington areas

Equi-Libria Performance Bodywork

Bowen Therapy & Integrated Bodywork for pets, people and horses



Kathy Morton - Since 2017

Belleville, Stirling. Madoc. Trenton. Marmora. 

Campbellford Ontario and areas.



613 885 1311
Facebook: Embody Bowen Vitality.
Belleville, Stirling. Madoc. Trenton. Marmora. 
Campbellford Ontario and areas.

Chrissy Primsilva ~ Since 2018

Bowen Island  British Columbia

Email: christianeprimsilva@gmail.com

Call: 604-379-2549

Mary McHale ~ Since 2018

Toronto Ontario

Email: mholistic32@gmail.com

Marco Gilberti ~ Since 2019


Advanced Learning Certification

Specialized Procedures

August 2020

Joan McCarthy ~ Since 2019

Cambridge Ontario Canada

Email: jmccarthmc@gmail.com

Call: 519-635-8428


                                Elin Langron ~ Since 2019                                                          


                                                Mob.: +372 5152424                                                                                       elangron@gmail.com                                                  www.homeopaat.ee


Advanced Learning Certification

Francine Paradis ~ Since 2019

Ottawa Canada