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Quick Pro is going to take you where you need to be. It combines world renowned Response5 with Whole Body Balance to kick start your business. FAST!

It takes all the pressure off commitment to do case studies and allows you to focus on learning. It couldn't be any easier! 

While learning Quickpro you'll be naturally practicing on animals, so why not make them into case studies.Right?!
...all the case study information and print outs you need to begin your case studies are included in the course.
Not only are case studies great promotional tools for your business, they'll set you up for next levels of training whenever you're ready.
Your choice!

Upon completion of Response5 case studies (optional) Students are granted 50 hours of study time. 30 hours of Learning. 10 hours per Case Study (10x2)

Upon completion of Whole Body Balance case studies ( optional) Students are granted 150 hours of study time. 110 hours of Learning. 10 hours per Case Study (10x2) - 10 hours per Assignment ( 10x2)

And there's advanced learning whenever you're ready...

Upon Completion of Canine Specialty Moves Students are granted 150 hours of study time. 120 hours of Learning. 10 hours per Case Study (10x3)

Granted 50 hours of advanced study time. 

Total hours of full course: 400
Cases studies and assignments: 9
The Canine Bowen Institute provides a self-paced learning program that most students complete within a year. 
In-depth learning with 5 star student reviews takes course learning to a whole new level of achievement...

"I cannot tell you how much I've enjoyed this course! 
Solid information and such a well organized program to enable a smooth ,at your own pace, learning environment. 
You can certainly see the amount of work that was put into your course and training platform! 
With support only an email away, I never felt overwhelmed. Seeing incredible results with many case studies very quickly, was the highlight of my training. It encourages me to dive further into studies, in order to keep helping animals and their family members even better! 
Thank you so much for offering this great program! “Every BODY is better with BOWEN” 
Julie MacDonald 


Quick Pro $498 ( with promo code:Quick300 )

Canine Specialty Moves $699 ( special pricing available when purchasing full course )

Specialized Procedures $399 ( special pricing available when purchasing full course )

Full Course Special Pricing $1000

 ( savings of $596 when you 

register for full course )