A complimentary addition for all that have begun their journey into Animal Bowen through the

 Canine Bowen Institute

It is the mission of the Canine Bowen Institute to provide ongoing, professional services to further advance the experiences and skills of each individual.



Join me for a Rescue Response Technique review on Sunday March 2nd. 2014

 at 2p.m.



 For all that have completed theRescue Response Technique (First Response) workshop this next step is for you.

With a submission of three detailed case studies plus a one on one reassessment you will become a

 Certified Animal Bowen

 Rescue Responder.

Free to you.

This certification will allow you the accredibility to reach out into your community and help animals in need.

It will also put you in the position to charge a nominal fee for your services.

Become a part of the Rescue Response Team!

There"s alot to talk about and details to go over....

email~ animalvitalityplus@live.ca

Always my passion and my priviledge to share this journey with you.